"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, September 10


I picked up some Luna bars from the grocery store yesterday to have before my workouts (1/2). I really like eating half a Kashi bar and then having the rest for a snack. The only problem is the Luna bars are much higher in calories (well, 40) so perhaps they will just have to be a special treat. They're also more expensive! I used to eat them in college all the time - maybe that's how I got fat!!

Workout was 30 minutes stairmaster (while reading Real Simple :) ) followed by a 15 minute fast treadmill run, which satisfied my craving for a hard workout and left me dripping with sweat. Then I did some abs and stretching. 450 calories burned (I wear a heart rate monitor for those of you who don't know -that's how I know the calories burned).

Breakfast was Trader Joe's high fiber fruit and nut cereal (a great find!!) with 1 cup frozen bluberries, thawed, and a banana. Plus an iced coffee. 1 cup of skim milk total.

I'm hoping to blog about my thoughts on calories vs. food groups later on. Remind me!

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