"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, September 26


Back to the grind today, although I'm headed to the DMV this morning so that's a change in pace.

Pre-workout I had a banana and PB:

Workout was good today:
  • 30 minutes stairmaster (with Better Homes and Gardens : ) )
  • 8 minutes squirrel elliptical (the one that makes you move funny)
  • 12 minutes or so of upper body weights
=425 calories burned

decided to make breakfast today, which means savory things like eggs. We debated what to make all the way to the gym and back because I was worried he'd so something huge and caloric, but it ended up being super low!!

Omlet (1/2 an egg and 1/4 cup egg beaters each) with 1/2 slice bacon, some peppers, and 1/2 a laughing cow each:

Homemade bread toast with jam:

And honeycrisp apple slices with coffee:

Here's the dining room table, all set up:

Breakfast calories: only 370!! I'm pretty full though, so I guess that's fine. But I'll probably need a snack!

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A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

God, I wish I could get up and go to the gym...and come home and have my spouse make me breakfast for a change. Breakfast is such a hard meal for me to get down...if I'm working. I'm off sick for two weeks from work...and its the first time I'm able to enjoy breakfast. Stumbled on your site from Roni's. Congrats on your weight loss to date!