"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, September 25

To ATL and Back

All I can say is that was a lot of timing seated in a car!!!

But I did REALLY well and didn't snack all day! I'm too tired/busy for a full report, but here's a photo recap (yes, I snuck in my camera and very discretely took photos of everything!)

Appetizer was a fried green tomato topped with goat cheese and spiced pecans. I REALLY wanted another but I resisted!!!

NOT PICTURED: A huge basket of biscuits, hot from the oven, that I totally did NOT have!!!!! GO ME!!!

Salad course was a wedge of iceburg (this was pre-set) with blue cheese, tomato and bacon. I had all the lettuce and tomato, 1/2 piece of bacon equiv. and about 1 tbsp of the dressing (fork dipped in)

Entree was pan-fried trout with mashed potatoes and buttered green beans. I ate all of the fish, about 3 bites of the potatoes and all of the beans. And I didn't touch the garlic sauce. (Other menu choices were burger, pulled pork or turkey sandwich, so this was the best choice) The beans were buttered, but they were still healthy and I don't think there was TONS of butter.

Fish opened:

Dessert was a mug of homemade health bar icecream (MY FAVORITE!!!) topped with a freshly made cookie. The cookies were all different flavors and I got my least favorite - perhaps the only kind of cookie I'll pass up: peanut butter. I ate about 30% of it. I started out with only 20% or so and then nibbled because it sat in front of me! I ate all the icecream because it was melty and totally worth it.

Leftover cookie:

Lunch calorie estimate: ~710
(I had guessed 650, but after logging it into Calorie King it appears to be more. That is if I'm not underestimating the butter/oil involved in the fish)

For dinner we had frozen butternut squash ravioli (220 calories for 9 of them - and quite delicious!) over sauteed kale, bacon and acorn squash with a little brown sugar. It was DIVINE! But for some reason I wasn't hungry (I think because I have a mild cold) so I only had 6 of the ravoili.

Dinner calories: ~260
(wow, that's low).

Then we went for a 30-minute walk in the dark. At least I got a little exercise! -110 calories.

Total calories today: ~1450. Would have been better without the ice cream!


Elle said...

Way to resist the cookie and biscuits! That must have been tough (biscuits are sooo good). Your dinner looks amazing, I'll have to keep my eye out for frozen squash ravioli.

meharry said...

its atl, i may be getting a one eyed puppy!