"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, November 6

Working Lunch

Have to leave a bit early today for an appt. and I also had two deliverables that needed to be done ASAP, so I barely got to stop for lunch today. I love being busy, but I missed my walk : ( I've got a bad headache in my shoulders and could have used the fresh air...

But lunch was delicious!! I had packed 1/3 more Kashi crackers last night and wasn't excited about my lunch. When I'm not excited it means I need to re-think and re-pack, so I took out some of the crackers this morning and replaced the calories with a small portion of yogurt and cranberry. Perfect substitution!

Spaghetti squash, leftover roasted root veggies, 1/2 cup lentils:


Apple slices with cinnamon:

Yogurt + cran:

Two dark chocolates :)

All together for 560 calories:

I was really hungry this morning - had tea at 10:00 and 5 almonds at 11. Then I didn't eat lunch until 12:30 b/c of work! I always feel like I've accomplished something if I can postpone lunch a little. Like I've beat hunger!

Although it's only been 2 hours since lunch, I'm already hungry. And I shouldn't be. Hard to tell if it's real hunger. They say if you have to think about it it's not real hunger, but my stomach feels kind of empty! Hard to believe with all that fiber. Maybe I'm getting too much fiber? I had 60 grams yesterday!

My finger hurts today from typing and computer work. Strange - I must be using it more.



Anonymous said...

Where do find those dark chocolate discs? Just curious. I'm having a apple later today, too...I love HoneyCrisps! Sorry your finger is bothering you...ouch!!! Hope you have a good evening! :-) -Meggers-

Elle said...

Ack! Getting your stitches out sounds traumatizing! At least they're gone. The pork/apple dinner sounds great! I love the meat/fruit combos. One of these days as a treat I want to make duck...or maybe some other red meat...with a blueberry or cherry or orange sauce. I'm not usually a big red meat fan, but the sweetness and the richness on a cold night...YUM!