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Friday, November 2

TGIF : )

Husband worked at a wine tasting for the catering company last night, so I didn't sleep very well until he got home at 12. He DID bring home four really nice bottles of Pinot Noir - all over $40 per bottle!! It was a fancy event and the host gave them all some of the extra wine. He also brought home about two pounds of smoked salmon (which I love), antipasto, cheese (which isn't worth the calories) and strawberries. Super yum!! I'm having some of the salmon, portabella mushrooms and strawberries at lunch and the antipasto at dinner, which is leftover spaghetti sauce, so they'll be making appearances.

So I woke up with a bad tension headache (work stress - it was all in my shoulders) at 11:30 and had trouble sleeping. I had just read yesterday morning that sleep is MUCH more important than workouts, so I decided to re-set my alarm since I had already gone to bed late AND was feeling a little sleep deprived already.

However, I still really want to exercise today so I packed my bag and am going after work!! I love the thought of going to a new gym (there's a YMCA right next to my office and it's a really nice one) so I'm SO excited about working out there. I love women's locker rooms (strange, I know) and this one has towel service, so I'm going to shower there. It makes me feel really metropolitan or something ; ) AND...I get to miss rush hour!

Husband is meeting me for lunch in the park .....I'll get some walking in then too! I packed my lunch this morning (hence why I'm posting late and am feeling rather stressed) but it's going to be SO good!

Breakfast today was oatmeal with pears and almonds and pumpkin coffee. I wanted to boost the protein of my oatmeal like my oatmeal pancakes, so I added 1/4 cup egg whites to the oatmeal. Well stupid me - that made it all runny with egg whites - eww! (At least they are safe to eat without being cooked, so the carton says). But after microwaving them for a while, the oatmeal thickened up again.

Total breakfast calories: ~400

Now the real question is: Can I stay away from the fancy wines tonight!?!?! Husband is working another event and I'm home alone, which means I LOVE to drink wine. Maybe I'll save it for Saturday. We'll see!

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