"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, November 11

Sunday Breakfast + Run

Went to bed at 9:30 last night (I know, I know - too early for a Saturday - but I was tired!) and got up at 7:30 this morning - that's 9 hours!!! Geez! I started waking up around 5:30 a.m. but it took me 2 hours to wake up enough to realize I should get up and get going.

5.4 miles this morning for about 500 calories burned once I had cooled down and stretched. NICE way to start a Sunday!!!! The husband and I ran together, which always makes things more fun. I wore leggings but my legs were still rather stiff the whole run. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall morning. I had half a banana before I left.

Oatmeal pancake!! I ate in the new dining room and read a Real Simple. Now I have to admit, we eat in front of the TV a lot. We love watching cooking shows and it always seems like a good time to watch. This is a habit I'd really like to get away from, but every time I make us eat at the table, we just wish we were watching a show!! Bad, I know. So I told the husband I'd like to eat in the dining room to "celebrate the green" every morning this week. He agreed, so we'll see how we do. I ate in there this morning and it was soooo beautiful!! Although watching TV is not stressful at all, it helped for me to just browse a magazine and not have to think about the TV or "busy" things.

With kiwi (I cut it open too early - it wasn't quite ripe enough :( )

Blueberry Cobbler Coffee. SMELLS amazing, but it tastes a little burnt. I found that if I double up on the sweetener, it's much better. But I hate that I have to make it so sweet!

All together for 334 calories (plus 43 from pre-run banana) = 380. That means I'm in negative calories from my run!! Maybe I should have a snack...

Weight: 120.4
Since my Saturday night was well-behaved and I didn't have to workout first thing, I weighed in today: 120.4!!! Good news. My goal is to maintain at 120. I was up a little bit to around 121-122 in early October and am glad I'm now back down. I don't have the chance to weigh myself often because I feel I get inaccurate weights at 5:00 a.m. and the weekends usually have wine or a treat on the night before and I never want to weigh in if I've had wine the night before (I retain water with wine). I used to weigh-in everyday when I was losing, and I believe that "losers" should weigh in at least once a week, but in maintenance I find that it discourages me more than encourages, so if I'm happy with my body, how I feel, look and how my clothes fit, I don't weigh.


Elle said...

LOVE the new dining room color--much younger and fresher. I just painted my hallway green, it adds a nice kick to the rest of the apartment. I showed Garrett your blog and he said, "wow that girl is really hot!" I smacked him, but still thought you might like to hear the compliment ;).

Kath said...

Hahaha. Tell Garrett I'm married, but thanks ;)

Your apt. is super cute - I remember you posting photos in your blog. I want to see more!! I LOVE photos, as I think they say so much more than words!