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Thursday, November 15

Rainy Thursday

No this is not something disgusting - it's the "skin" on the bottom of my oatmeal pot. Kinda gross, huh!?! I guess it's the gluten or something that kind of makes a film on the bottom of the pot when it dries a bit, but I LOVE scraping the bottom of the pot when I've emptied out the oatmeal!! It's chewy, not flaky, which is what I love (and why I think it's gluten-related). Sometimes it's more moist and I just scrape it out with my spoonula, but today it was all dry like Slim Jim skin from my childhood and came out in one long piece. I know, I know - I'm soooo strange.

I forgot what it's like to drive in rain - and so did all of Charlotte. Uggg. My commute was horrendous.

Pre-workout toast:

Workout was just s0-so today. I burned 400 calories, but I felt like I was just going through the motions. Oh, but this great thing did happen:

I was getting on the stationary bike and this elderly man said:

Man: "Young Lady. Are you a soccer player?"

Me: "Yes, I was. Why do you ask?" (with a smile)

Man: "I've been wanting to ask you for a while. You've got great muscular legs!!"

Me: (Flexes calf muscles) "Why thanks! I used to play soccer in high school and college but then I had to have foot surgery so I had to stop. Most people think I'm a gymnast because I have broad shoulders and I'm small."

Man: "Well you've still got those soccer legs!"

What a nice compliment!


PB oatmeal - Skipped the brown sugar today, but I ended up adding some maple syrup halfway through.

Pumpkin tea - also no sugar. Trying to see if I can live without splenda. So far, so good!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you soccer girl!!! -Meg-

Elle said...

What a GREAT was to start the day!!! Good luck with the Splenda cut-backs...I could never live without that stuff!