"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, November 14

His and Hers Baked Potatoes!!

Sweet vs. Savory

I decided to continue my "eat what I want" theme and swapped the leftover chili on my sweet potato for root vegetables and plain yogurt! YUM!! I had 1.25 POUNDS of root vegetables today. Yikes! I'm up to 48 grams of fiber for the day - but I've seen higher! They are my favorite food though : ) Husband had chili and cheese on his dry russet potato. Ew! I'll take sweet any day!

Sweet potato was super filling, but my mouth wanted to keep eating afterwards. Too much mush maybe and not enough texture variety?

......so I had a pear core as I prepped for breakfast. It did the trick. Now I'm REALLY full!!

That sweet potato was 13 oz before it was cooked...which clocks in at 313 calories!!! MAN! Sure, it's healthy, but that was NOT the biggest sweet potato I've seen before. Warning to those who don't have food scales: I would have called this a "medium-sized" sweet potato, which CK says is 103 calories. And it says a "large" is 160. Well mine was DOUBLE a large, so I have no idea what potatoes these food search engines base their data off of. Be careful out there!

Oh yeah, and I had cottage cheese and cranberry for a snack and TOTALLY forgot to photograph it!!! I didn't eat until 4:30 and wasn't even that hungry, but it was good. I'm having trouble making myself hungry these days! PB oatmeal....??

Total dinner calories: 566

Total Wednesday calories: 1810

-623 thru super-good workout and 40 minute walk

= net of 1186. 40 calories left, but I'm stuffed! Going up to read in bed :)


Anonymous said...

That is a huge sweet potato! The ones I've been eating are about 8 ounces. Thanks goodness for food scales! -Meg-

Kath said...

This was literally the SMALLEST sweet potato I could find at my grocery store!! Aside from the microwavable ones. I was planning to only eat half of it but then I had the calories, so I ate it all :)

Elle said...

See this is why I'm so obsessed with the CK calorie difference between sweet potatoes and yams. It's only like a 13 cals/ounce difference I think (too lazy to look it up right now), but for these giant 10 - 16 ounce potatoes it makes a big difference! I don't even understand which is which!

Kath said...

I read in Cooking Light recently that yams are the rare ones and are mostly found in tropical countries and that sweet potatoes are what we all eat here. Makes sense, because I don't think the whole country would be calling them SP if they were yams.

Elle said...

Hmm that's interesting. I've actually heard the opposite. When I go to the grocery store there's always one choice--"yams," which are bright orange on the inside. There's nothing in the stores labeled "sweet potatoes" even though that's what they're generally referred to as colloquially when people say, "I had sweet potatoes with dinner." BUT on FreshDirect (a gourmet online grocery store in NYC) they have both as options...and when I order "sweet potatoes" rather than "yams," I do NOT get the orange things...I get these sort of gold-colored things that taste more like actual potatoes. If I want the orange ones that I get in regular grocery stores, I have to order "yams." Confusing! That makes me think that the delicious orange things widely available are actually yams, or are at least referred to as "yams" in American grocery stores, and which are 100+ calories more than sweet potatoes (at least if they're large), which would be sad. It's also possible that "yams" are different things in different countries. I learned in India that if you go to the market and request a "mango," you can expect to be handed one of 150 different varieties of fruit. So maybe we call sweet potatoes yams in America (or vice versa), but yams in tropical areas are actually yams. It's not a big deal, ultimately I just fixate on it because I want my yams/sweet potato "fries" to be 100 less calories, rather than 100 more.

Elle said...

Ack, just saw your comments on CK...nevermind :)