"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, November 8

Proud Moment!!

I had a proud moment at lunch today. As you will see, my lunch was big and varied - just how I like it!! But I was starting to feel really full toward the end, and I had still had my cottage cheese and cranberry left. I thought it would make a perfect "tide me over" snack until my early 5 p.m. dinner tonight (I try to make myself hungry for my early Thursday night dinners by just having something small) and it would give me more calories at the dining hall :) So I took 2 bites of my cottage cheese for the lasting cranberry flavor on the palate that I love so much (I always eat my cranberry dish last) and put it in the fridge to have at 3 p.m.!! I am learning to listen to my body! GO ME!!!

Here was lunch -

Overflowing bowl of baby spinach with pom and a tsp dressing:

Half a PB + J sandwich with 1 tbsp PB + 1 tbsp jam. (I was going to have a full size sandwich, but when I logged my lunch - and this is why you should log first - I was up to 650 calories!! So I took out 1 slice of bread and put in spaghetti squash instead!)

Spaghetti squash with cinnamon:

Kiwi, raspberry and orange segments:

And the cottage cheese with cranberry (Only 2 bites!). It was a nice change from yogurt.

All together for 500 calories:

A BIG should out to PB Oatmeal, which kept me full all morning. Although it's not any bigger in volume or calories than my other breakfasts, I think it's the extra fat (or something?) from the nuts and PB that is keeping me satiated.

I had hot tea at 10:30:

No walking today because I have to leave work early for my nutrition class tonight :( At least I get to walk across campus!

I probably won't post again until the morning - you've already seen my snack and I'll need to get right in bed when I get home. See you tomorrow!


Moran said...

Hey Kath,
I follow your blog on a daily basis (I am quite a food blogger freak so I actually log on more than once a day!) and I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a good job, its really encouraging to read it. I was wondering if you could write more about your out of gym workouts (I noticed that you enjoy running and was wondering how long do you go for, how fast etc.)
Have a great day!

Kath said...

Hi Moran,

Thanks for your comment!! I'm so glad you like the blog. I will try to do a better job of reporting my workouts, but I'm usually pretty boring :) I alternate at the gym between the Stairmaster (the moving staircase one, not the stair-stepper), 2 kinds of elliptical machines, the stationary bike, spinning class and weight lifting. I'm hoping to add in yoga soon!

Out of the gym, I do a LOT of walking. 30-45 minutes on most days. Sometimes over an hour in the summer in a lunchtime and evening walk.

Since it's dark out at 5:30 a.m. during the week when I workout, I like to run outdoors on Saturdays or Sundays, usually between 4 and 6 miles. I have multiple routes around my neighborhood and pick one depending on my mood and energy. The husband and I ran in the early mornings 4-5 miles throughout the summer, but now it's too darn dark and cold to run outside! I guess that leaves me with just weekend runs.

I love to run and find it therapeutic and challenging at the same time. Unfortunately I had foot surgery in March of 2005 that kept me from running 2 years prior and 1 year after, and I still have to take it easy. But I'm so thankful I'm able to run at least once a week.

I don't see myself ever doing more than an hour of running at a time. It takes me about an hour to do 6 miles. I'll never be a long distance runner because of my foot. Running is hard on the body and I wouldn't recommend it without a mix of cross training a few times a week to break up the workouts.

Hope that helps some!!! Any more questions!? :)


Elle said...

Hi Kath! I made fresh cranberry sauce today and mixed it into Fage...another GREAT suggestion! So good, and so seasonally appropriate. Fall foods are the best. Do you remember when you made that pumpkin "cake" thing in the microwave? Maybe it was even what you made last night, but I know you definitely made the cake thing at some point. How did you make that again? I want to try it!

And congrats on your proud moment! It's so hard to put the food away once you've started...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the pb oatmeal, Kath! I bought some Better n' PB to try...so we'll see how I like that.... Also, thanks for sharing the pumpkin recipe! I'll probably try that, too! Have fun at class tonight! -Meg-