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Thursday, November 8

Eating Peanut Butter Oatmeal

I wrote this comment in response to Meg's comment, but I wanted to make it more visible.

Instructions for Eating Peanut Butter in Oatmeal:

You have to keep the peanut butter on the spoon instead of stirring it in. That way you get a little lick in every bite. If you stir it in it gets too diluted and you can't really taste it. It's just all "PB flavored" then. You can also get by with much LESS PB if you keep it on the spoon. I just put a little pile of oats on the spoon and am careful not to bite off too much PB per bite. This is ALSO good because you eat more SLOWLY!!

P.S. If you're not eating all-natural peanut butter then you might as well be eating a donut for breakfast. Traditional PB is filled with sugar, salt and trans-fats = horrible for the body!! Your jar ingredients should just say "Ingredients: Peanuts." Or perhaps "Ingredients: Peanuts, Salt." NOTHING ELSe! All-natural PB is widely available now and its only drawback is that it requires a good muscle stir when first opened. Once all the oil in incorporated, just store it in the fridge and you're set for a few weeks....or days :)

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