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Monday, November 12

New Breakfast Food

So I've had this "MultiGrain Hot Cereal" in the cabinet for over a year and just never think to use it up. I went through a kick of it last winter but went back to oats sometime after. So husband and I decided to give it another shot.

It was good, but I think I still prefer oatmeal. It's make with wheat germ, flax seed, soy grits, and oats and has 2 grams more fiber and a few grams more protein than regular oatmeal for 10 calories more. You can definitely taste the flax, which was fun, and it's got a nutter, "woodsier" (husband's word) taste. I think I prefer the sweeter, softer taste of oatmeal, but I would still give this an A-.

Served it with pear (small amount), toasted walnuts and PB. I borrowed 80 calories to have the PB from yesterday since I had 80 left. Tonight we're making homemade pizza (~500 calories total) and I'm going out to lunch (unpredictable calories) so I was going to skip the PB today, but since I was under yesterday and am not trying to lose weight, I figured I could borrow the calories. I know a lot of my CK friends do weekly averages, but they scare me for some reason! I need to get over that, and I did today :)

Blueberry/French Vanilla coffee:

As you can see, we did eat in the dining room as part of our "Celebrate the Green" plan :) Note my pretty Xmas candle:

Before my workout I had Ezekiel toast with Smart Balance and jam:

Total breakfast calories: 520. (But 80 of those are assigned to yesterday!)

Workout calories: ~450 = a good day!!

I'll be back to post some Fit From Within thoughts later this AM!

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