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Sunday, November 25

I'm Done!

Whew. Done eating out. Done overeating. I'm ready to get back on track (and couldn't be more excited about eating healthy again!) I think I did some damage this weekend, but not as much as it could have been thanks to a few hard workouts and good choices.

Saturday recap:

Once we arrived in Spartanburg we had Progresso Reduced Sodium Gumbo with grilled cheese. I had my grilled cheese open-faced to save calories. Also had a Diet Coke.

Lunch calories: ~371. Rather low!

I was starving around 2:30, so I decided to try the Kashi GoLean Crunchy Pretzel Chocolate bar I brought along if I needed it. 150 calories, 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber. It was good, but I was expecting more pretzel and less chocolate. I only got a few tastes of pretzel. But it did a good job holding my hunger for a late dinner. I'll probably get these again, but I didn't think it was as good as the TLC bars. But the stats are heavier for longer tiding of hunger. Hard decision!

I also had a few sips of husband's nonfat latte at Barnes and Noble. Sorry, no photo.

We came back to get ready for dinner and I had a few Wheat Thins and some of the husband's Bourbon on the rocks. I LOVE this drink, but only as sips from the husband. I don't think I'd want my own. I am certainly acquiring a taste for liquor these days! Bourbon reminds me of Christmas, so that's why I love it :)

Total snack calories: ~225, which put me around 1,000 for the day. Had plenty available for dinner.

But........unfortunately I blew it at dinner!!! I made healthy choices, but I just ate too much and did way too much nibbling off of other people's plates. It was also the kind of place that I couldn't pass up on wine (we got 2 bottles for the table) so I had about 8 oz - not. good.

Had two of these:

Had a tiny piece of bread:

And two mussels from the appetizer:

Husband had frog legs for his appetizer - ewww! I couldn't bear to try them, although I believe they did taste like chicken. Duh.

I had a tomato / goat cheese / balsamic / pesto salad to start. I had 2 of the 4 tomatoes and shared the rest.

I went with the healthiest choice I could: Grilled pork chop with asparagus and beets. Well, the pork chop was covered in butter sauce and served over buttery grits (NOT on the menu!), the asparagus was just 3 spears and the "beets" were just two beet chips. All topped with fried carrots. Of course I ate too much of the grits (probably half served) but I did only eat about 1/3 of the pork chop and gave the rest to the husband. I wanted the Grouper, but I got this because it seemed healthier, but the grouper was a much better choice!! Ugg. Oh well. It was good.

Also had 2 bites of husband's filet, about 4 french fries, and 1/4 of this braised cabbage, which was SOOO good. Not sure the nutritional, but I logged it as 50 calories.

Since the restaurant screwed up our order a few times, we got 2 free desserts (too bad they couldn't just have reduced the bill instead of giving us food we didn't need!). I had about 4 bites of the creme brulee....

And two of the chocolate mousse....

And a decaf coffee....

So that was dinner. I ate about 1,000 calories, and did NOT do a very good job, thanks to the wine. But as always, it could have been a lot worse. Amazingly, I did so well during the first half of the day that I hit about 2,000 calories total. Thanks to 500 calories worth of exercise, I net about 1400 - which is actually acceptable.

The worst part was that I when we got home and I was a little tipsy, I had 2 Starburst and 2 Wintergreen candies. Totally out of character!!! I told you wine is my best friend and worst enemy. I think I was just sad the day was over. I logged them though, so they're included in the numbers.

All three holidays, I was at or just over maintenance calories, so although I drank and ate too much, I didn't do as much damage as it feels like. Just a few days of healthy eating will get me right back to where I was.

And I can't wait to resume my healthy lifestyle!!

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