"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, November 15

"If It Doesn't Taste Good, Don't Eat It."

This is going to be a major issue for me tomorrow, as one of my clients is a fast food joint (fried chicken one, to be specific) and I have to eat there for lunch. We're cooking fried chicken and biscuits all morning and then we have to eat them.

Now "have to" is debatable, but I have to at least eat something. I think I'm going to try to eat a chicken breast without the skin (It will probably be pointed out that I'm "so picky I have to remove the skin") and hopefully there will be salty canned green beans on the side. I won't eat a biscuit since they have shortening in them (=transfat). I'll have an apple and something healthy from the whole grain group in my car.

It makes me soooooo annoyed that I have to eat this food, and I hate having to miss a good meal with gross food, but I don't see that I have a choice, as this is a client and I have to be there.

On the topic, here's a Fit From Within chapter that I posted in Elle's CK blog:

Fit From Within's Chapter 10: "If It Doesn't Look Good, Don't Eat It."

Overeaters will eat a dish that's too hot or too cold, overcooked or undercooked, or something they just don't like. They give foods so many chances, taking bite after bite of this scalding/freezing/burned/raw/bad-tasting dish, as if eating enough of it could transform it into something good after all.....To become Fit From Within, you have to develop discernment. This means becoming selective about what you put in your mouth - "picky" even.....Not every meal will be a gustatory adventure, nor does it have to be, but everything you put in your mouth does need to meet some basic standards. At the very least, it should be fresh, properly prepared, and taste like something. You're worth it!!!"


Brenda said...

Tell them you're a vegetarian :)

Kath said...

Brenda - Brilliant!! The only problem is I've eaten turkey with these people before so they know I'm not one. And some have seen my blog! If it were strangers, I'd totally do that!

Megan said...

I hate how if you don't eat something bad for you people immediately have to make comments about how 'picky' you are! Sometimes I just lie and say I don't like a food because it's easier than saying I just don't want it.

Thanks for the bday wishes, of course I didn't drink too much, I only had one drink! Just a ton of food with it:)

Brenda said...

Oh bummer, it was worth a shot! You will do fine especially with just the white meat from the chicken breast.

Elle said...

Aww feel better Kath :). I actually thought of your posts and Fit from Within last night when I stopped and realized that I didn't even like the food Garrett had brought. I knew it was something you would do ;). And that golf ball rule is a great idea! It's pretty ironic that one of your clients is a fast food restaurant, I really can't imagine someone less interested in fast food than you!

Roni said...

Pick at the chicken and stick with the veggies. One meal won't kill you . You KNOW this! :~)

Great excerpt. I totally fell (and sometimes still fall) in that category.