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Friday, November 16

Dining Hall Thurday

Had a great dinner at the dining hall! They had chicken picatta on the menu, but I was able to easily take off the breading and had a little chicken breast all ready to eat! They also served ratatouille, which was very delicious, and a wild mushroom rice with vegetables - I piled the broccoli high! The rice was great, and I estimated about 1/4 a cup plus veggies.

Estimated "3.5 chicken breast, no skin, no breading." (It was smaller than it looks here since it's pictured in the front!). Ratatouille veggies were listed as 50 for a 4 oz serving on the dining hall menu. I estimated 75 calories. I put in a boxed seasoned rice for 1/4 cup mushroom rice plus the veggies.

Also had a side salad, which I only ate half of. Topped with a drizzle of honey mustard:

All together:


Had one bite of this banana pudding that the husband and MIL shared:

And snacked on 1/4 a cup of mini wheats!

My calorie estimate:

3.5 ozKFC: Chicken: Original Recipe, Breast, no skin or breading129
0.3 cupNear East: Rice: Rice Pilaf, Wild Mushroom & Herb, prepared as directed66
1 serving, 3/4 cup (3.7 oz)Salads (Fresh, Deli, Restaurant): Salads: Mixed vegetable tossed, no dressing17
0.25 serving (2 oz)Quizno's: Dressings: Honey Mustard35
1 serving (7.5 oz)Italian: Meals: Ratatouille76
0.25 serving, 1/2 cupLifeway: Puddings: It's Pudding!, Banana38
0.33 serving, 24 biscuits (1.9 oz)Kellogg's: Breakfast Cereals, Ready To Eat: Organic, Mini Wheats Frosted Bite Size63
0.5 order (5.5 oz)Panda Express: Entrees: Vegetables, Mixed45
8 kernelNuts: Pistachios, dry roasted, no salt added, edible portion32
2 almondNuts: Almonds, raw, unblanched, edible portion14

Also had 8 pistachios and 2 almonds during nutrition class. Test went well!!

Total Thursday calories: 1711

from walk and workout

= net of 1170.
I had a bite of husbands dinner, so I'm probably all even here! I did go to bed hungry though, but it was too late to eat!


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