"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, November 2

Found out the Pinot retails for $32. It was QUITE good! I had 6 oz!

Got in my workout - it was fun!! But it was really easy. I'm not sure if that's afternoon vs. morning or what, but I didn't really feel like I'd burned 425 calories when I was done. My upper body was tired from doing some lifting, but I didn't feel that tired overall at all. OH, and I felt super fat and like a stocky log in all the mirrors. Guess that's water retention for ya!

For dinner I re-heated some of our puttanesca sauce and had it with 2.5 oz browned ground 99% fat free turkey meat, 1 oz prosciutto, 1.5 oz of curly pasta (which I didn't enjoy at all - what a waste of 150 calories!), 2 oz portabellas (the best part - wish I had more!) and 10 grams whole milk mozzarella that I couldn't taste at all (another lesson learned). It was good though.

(The photo makes it look gross with the sauce all over the bowl - sorry!)

Watched Oprah on Anti-aging and think I would have been part of the 1% "fabulous agers" if I'd been there : ) : ) : ) I do everything that woman does - except maybe the stress part....

I'm a little tipsy from 6 oz of wine...makes me feel like my liver has neglected all its processes to work on detoxifying my body (can you tell I just read the chapter in my nutrition text book on alcohol this week!?). Alcohol is BAD for the body. REALLY bad. If it wasn't so damn good I'd put it up there with trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup!

Afternoon Snack:

Oatmeal, half a CIB, and half a bag of pretzel snaps. It was good, and satisfied my hunger, but wasn't as good as it looks!

Total Friday calories: 1719

-600 thru workout and 40 minute walk

= net of 1126.

I might go have a little pumpkin for dessert though :)

Tomorrow I'm going to cycle class at the Y, meeting my friend for lunch at Earthfare (!!!) and then going on a walk together. And the husband and I might go see the Bodies exhibit at Discovery Place. I can't wait to start the weekend!

For now, I'm going up to bed to read "Fit From Within," a book I ordered by Victoria Moran about how to make a healthy lifestyle 100% natural without thinking about for the rest of your life. I could use a little help on that one since I feel like I have to put a lot of effort into being healthy (even though I LOVE being healthy!!)



They all seem delicious,but thanks!
I!m on diet. OK?

Elle said...

Did you end up going to the Bodies exhibit? I went a few months ago...and was shocked at how much the bodies looked like, well, meat. I know that sounds horrible but it was creepy. Closest I've ever come to becoming a vegetarian...but definitely a worthwhile experience.

And thanks for the food log input...I checked and I had double logged the ribs! That brought my WEEKLY average down by 50 calories! And I think I still overestimated a few things, but I know when eating out calories have a way of sneaking in where you least expect them so I try to keep the numbers high!

Kath said...

WOW! I'm glad I cought those ribs!! I LOVE it when I catch a mistake in my favor : ) We did not end up going to Bodies today, but we will! It's open thru January 6th. I know what you mean about meat - I don't really like red meat, but I think I could eat a human if I were going to die if I didn't. I know that sounds gross and horrible, but...that's what it makes me think of!!