"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, October 12


SOOO excited for a beautiful Fall weekend!!! We have no plans, so that makes it even more fun!!

My legs, sides, quads and hips were all pretty achy this morning. I should have taken today off, but I like my Friday cycle class and we're going out to dinner so I needed the burn. BUT, I decided I'm taking tomorrow off from the gym, which is SO EXCITING!!!! (I'll still try to get in an hour walk). I have a debate every Saturday to get up and go workout first thing at 7:30am or do I pitter around and eat breakfast and go at 9am. Well there's no need for a debate - we're going to get up and after a delicious breakfast go to the Charlotte Farmer's Market for vegetables for the week. Part of the Fall Festival scheduled at our house tomorrow : ) Then we'll do healthy lunches, some shopping (I need jeans!) and some reading. We're planning a beef stew for dinner. Sunday is all relaxation too!

Here's breakfast:

English muffin and PB before the gym:

Workout: 60 minutes of spinning. ~425 calories burned. I didn't push it as hard today cause of my tired legs.

Pear Oatmeal in progress:

Almonds toasting:

Bowls ready for serving and toppings (husband had some today too so I did a double batch)

Yum, yum!

Perfect frothed milk over coffee:

My breakfast:

Breakfast calories: 500. This seems to be my usual number!

I have another FANTASTIC lunch planned! Homemade egg salad and corn tortillas, a salad with hazelnut oil, lemon yogurt, kiwi.


Anonymous said...

ooohhh...egg salad sounds good. And yes, TGIF! I can't see your photos for today's post?! Sad! :) Well, sounds like you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned for sure...enjoy it! - Meggers-

Kath said...

No idea why you can't see the photos?? I can see them fine. I emailed the blog to the husband and he can see them too. I did have a double post this morning and had to delete one, so maybe that's it? Sorry!

meharry said...

the pics dont show up for me either!