"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, October 14

Sensational Sunday

Had another fun day!! Was grumpy this morning with my usual eat breakfast vs. running right away debate. I decided to have breakfast and we went running at 10 a.m. Did a wonderful, brisk, easy 5 miles! I also did a good amount of cleaning/reorganizing of my closet (switched summer and winter clothes; sent stuff to Good Will) and went grocery shopping, so I gave myself a bonus 100 calories burned. I wanted to fit in a walk, but we never made it before dark, and dark walks are only fun if you really need to burn 100 calories more to fit in a splurge!

I also FINALLY got to make my oatmeal cookies (I "earned" them), which led to overeating, but they were amazing!

Here's a photo recap of today:


Breakfast was half an egg, bacon, mushroom, pepper and cheese quesadilla. Plus kiwi and coffee. Only 350 calories!


I've been craving a good, old fashioned PB & J all week, so I took today to have one. I'm to the point now where lunch doesn't feel like lunch without vegetables, but this lunch was surprisingly filling. I used our crumbly multigrain bread, so it wasn't perfect but it sure was good.

Oh, and should I mention that this sandwich was 400 CALORIES!!?!?!? I had a good run and a small breakfast, so it worked.

Served with pear:

And a yogurt:

Post-lunch splurge: 4 Kashi crackers


Cookie batter making (I didn't bake them until after dinner). The paddle was a snack!

Cocktail Hour:

My newest thing is having a Diet Tonic and Lime "cocktail" before dinner. Husband has been adding vodka and gin, but I can't tell mine are virgin. Actually, I think I even felt a little tipsy!!


Tyler Florence's Ultimate Beef Stew:

It was 377 calories per serving, so it was high. But oh-so-good! We used our homemade stock and put in sweet potatoes instead of white. The red wine really contributed a lot of flavor. We cut out all but 1 tsp of the oil and butter and omitted the flour. Here's the recipe: http://www.recipezaar.com/recipe/getrecipe.zsp?scaleto=4&id=256719


These were the best cookies I have EVER had. Gooey and warm, crunchy in nuggets, but very moist and buttery. Ahhhh. I had TWO of them and they were 200 calories each and worth every single calorie. I'm not sure why they were so high, but the chocolate chips contributed 600 calories to the 10 cookies. I'll definitely be making these again, and I have 6 frozen in the freezer for when I want one!

Here's the recipe, which I chose because 260 other people LOVED them and gave them 5 stars (p.s. RecipeZaar is my new favorite addiction): http://www.recipezaar.com/35813

Total Sunday calories - including the TWO cookies - 1885.

-519 thru run + movement

= net of 1350.

Not too shabby considering my dessert was more calories than my dinner!


meharry said...

geezz....frozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, now theres something new!

Kath said...

They were totally inspired by your mom's!! IN fact, I'll probably gain all of my college weight back because of them :)

And I ALWAYS forget if it's sesame or sunflower in tahini...