"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, October 25

Happy Birthday CAKE!

Ate in the dining hall tonight - and the meals have improved!! Although I brought my own bread, I noticed they now have 100% whole wheat bread (Nature's Own) and SOUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE soup, so this totally made my night (the vegetarian option that I usually get was fatty eggplant parm).

So I had a huge bowl of vegetable soup that I loaded up with extra raw veggies for more bulk. The soup was actually really flavorful! They also had chickpeas on the hot bar (not sure of their butter content, but I had about 1/4 a cup). YUM!! I love beans. Go Queens for having new options!

I had a salad on the side, which I wasn't that into. Then I stopped to think and remembered WHY I was eating it - for the nutrients, fiber, and benefits of vegetables. So I savored every last bite!!

I also had a toasted slice of husband's wheat bread, which I gobbled down without noticing. I had to eat in 20 minutes because I was running late, so I didn't get to enjoy this dinner as much as I would have liked!

Total dinner calories: ~330

Early Birthday Cake!!

And here's the crowning jewel: coconut cake! I love it and was just going to have 1 bite, but it was so fantastic that I ate the ENTIRE piece. I'm guessing around 260 calories based on the nutritional info for Sara Lee and Pepperidge Farm's cakes. I could be way off.....but it's my BIRTHDAY and this icing was good. REALLY GOOD!


Had soymilk and some cereal at 4:00. I was starving!

Total Thursday calories: ~1851

from workout + a tiny bit of walking

= net of 1431.

Not the best way to start the weekend, but I think I earned that cake.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for your early b-day cake! I'm not a fan of coconut personally...but my husband loves it. Hope class was fun tonight! - Meggers-