"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, October 5

Dinner Report

First off, I aced the Nutrition test with a 103!! I missed a stupid question:

Which of the following is NOT a micronutrient: A) Vitamins B) Minerals C) Fat D) Water E) C & D

I put C. Doh! Water is not a nutrient! But I knew fat was a MACROnutrient, so that's where I screwed up. If I'd only read the question better I would've gotten a perfect 105!!

Here's a recap of dinner. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to eat at the dining hall, even though I love it, because they never have any protein sources that aren't red meat. I was not about to eat a pulled pork sandwich last night and my only other option was trans-fat peanut butter or deli meat!! I had another vegetable filled dinner:

Barley with stewed vegetables and a small portion of vegetarian lasagna (it looks like a huge portion, but it's really thin on its side)

A raw vegetable salad topped with corn and a drizzle of honey mustard:

25% of husband's pita and turkey sandwich as an attempt to eat some protein (he came to eat with me again):

And ONE bite of this chocolate cake that my mother-in-law got:

I really wanted more dessert but I stopped at one bite and was so proud of myself!!!!!

Total calories were around 500.

When I got home at 9pm I was starving and had some yogurt with cereal.

Total calories for the day: ~1800. Not bad!

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