"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, September 22

Sunday or Saturday?

Today felt like a Sunday for some reason. Maybe because we didn't have plans and went grocery shopping?? So I'm excited to have another day of cooking and relaxation ahead of me!

Lunch today was a turkey and bleu cheese sandwich with green pepper on homemade wheat bread. I grilled it in a pan panini-style with a weight on top. Yum!

With it I had a pickle slice, Kashi 7 grain crackers (I LOVE THEM!!!!!) and half of the smallest apple ever. And a Dr. Extreme. I should have used a smaller plate because lunch looks pretty pathetic! I think that's why I ate so much. Lunch calories: nearing 600 (with the following dessert).

And leftover tapioca pudding with some Trader Joe's cereal for dessert:

Here's a photo of our fully-stocked fruit bowl!

I snacked on trail mix, granola, cheese samples, and other goodies at the grocery store so add 100 or so calories to my day!

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