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Friday, September 14

Pesticide Lunch

Went with a colleague of mine to a scary warehouse to get a super-power roach killer. The guy threw in a peanut butter-like substance and said it would "take care of them." So I hope with these 3 methods they are gone for good!

Hunger called strongly at 11:30 and I had 6 almonds. They sure did the trick! Held me over until my 1pm lunch. Amazing what 6 little nuts can do.

We went to a local sandwich shop for lunch. They have SO many delicious sounding sandwiches. After much debate I settled on turkey, brie and apple with honey mustard on multi-grain bread. It was fabulous!! I wish the brie had been a little stronger for the calories, but the honey mustard was a big hit. Sandwiches are something I'm really hoping to re-introduce to my diet now that I'm maintaining, as I would have NEVER ordered this in my calorie-obsessing days.

It looks HUGE at first, but if you look closely most of the height is coming from the apples on the bottom:

I also had a side of fresh fruit.


I'm still hungry! I have some fresh veggies and yogurt to snack on.

Lunch calorie estimate:
Cheese 125
Apple 30
Turkey 60
Bread 180
Mustard 20
Fruit 100

That brings me up to 1100 or so for the day, which leaves 900 for snack and dinner. But I was under a lot last night, so if I go over 2,000 I need to just get over it. But tomorrow is going to be a hard to predict day, so I need to still keep my head on my shoulders and focus on just making the healthiest choices I can.

And I should be getting some walking in on campus.

Dinner plan:
  • Greek salad with veggies, olives and feta topped with blackened salmon (eat 2/3 of salmon)
  • 1 oz bread
  • 1 glass wine
  • 1 bite husband's dinner
Hope i can do it!

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