"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, September 28

Part of This Complete Breakfast

Woke up before my alarm again. So crazy! I would assume that means I'm getting enough sleep, but I still feel like I need to catch up a little this weekend.

Pre-workout I had cantaloupe and Life cereal:

Workout was a hard 60-minute spin class. Roughly ~426 calories burned, based on previous classes.

I spent the ENTIRE spin class debating what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner only to come down this morning to the husband making himself the most wonderful smelling omelet. So I asked if I could have one too so he combined his to make two. It was wonderful!

Also had a few grapes and a large kiwi:

A slice of homemade bread with a bit of Smart Balance:

And a glass of milk, which I never would have had before, but really enjoyed!

All together:

Does that look yummy or what!?!

Total calories for the morning: ~560. That's OK. And this breakfast BETTER hold me until lunch. I'm going to my favorite salad bar (in Talley's Grocery) for a tofu and veggie salad (and this week I'm going to try to keep it lower in calorie than last week's 600+ lunch!).

Dinner tonight will involve leftover turkey and baked apple (because I'm in the mood!), but I'm not sure how. I have lots of flexibility for the day, so it should be a healthy one!

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