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Thursday, September 20

Mexican Lunch

Lunch was fun - but it took TWO HOURS! The Mexican restaurant was having computer troubles and we think they forgot our order etc.

I munched on some of the tortilla chips, but I only ate pieces that were very small and probably had the equivalent of 3 large chips. I also by-passed the fish tacos I was hoping to try for the healthy chicken tortilla soup. I didn't get it with the crispy strips so it was about 1/4 cup chicken chunks plus 3 avocado strips for about 1/2 an oz worth of avocado. And then the rest was all broth, spices, and a few tomatoes.

I also ordered 2 corn tortillas on the side, as they are about 50 calories each (the 6" ones) and I think are considered a whole grain. Well, they brought me flour instead, but I thought they'd be similar nutritionally. Turns out they're 80 calories each instead of 50!! I had 1.75 of them.

Chips - 100 kcal
Soup (chicken and broth) - 130 kcal
Avocado - 25 kcal
Tortillas - 140 kcal (1.75 at 80 each)
= ~400

But all in all, it was a very healthy visit to a Mexican place.

That leaves me 800 calories for dinner at the dining hall plus my raw veggie and hummus snack. Sweet!

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