"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, September 18


What a filling lunch!!

Sandwich on the delicious rolls from Harris Teeter, topped with 2 oz chicken breast, 1 oz avocado, lettuce, 1 slice low-fat sharp cheddar, and some mustard. All toasted in the toaster oven:

TIP: Leave the cheese off your sandwiches. To be honest, I didn't taste the cheese on this guy even though I melted him. I always think cheese on sandwiches is a waste - unless you put so much on it's the main part or it's served open-faced. I though this would be good with cheese, but I wouldn't have known if it hadn't been there. I definitely tasted the bread, avocado and chicken.

Raw squash, zucchini and broccoli dipped in hummus bean dip (2 oz):

All together with a Fage yogurt:

Also had some hot tea:

Lunch: ~570 calories. Pretty hefty, but at least I'm aware and watching it.

I ended up eating my WHOLE Kashi bar at 10:45 - I was starving and half didn't do much!

But now I'm totally full. I saved my apple for the afternoon.

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Elle said...

That lunch looks great! I'm amazed by what you can throw together at work. I wish I had a fridge and a microwave at law school. And I agree with the cheese on sandwiches. Unless is gorgonzola or bleu or maybe feta (something strong) I'm always disappointed by how little I can taste it.