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Saturday, September 15

A Little Good, A Little Bad

Last night was really fun. I was really good (got a healthy salad, only had ONE glass of wine!!!) but also bad (ate too much chocolate cake from my friends' plate, had too many bites of husband's burger). Here's a photo recap, which will explain itself:

My salad with salmon, goat's cheese, crasins, pine nuts and pomegranate dressing, which I traded for honey dijon and had about 1/2 tbsp. I ate about 3/4 of the salmon and everything else, although the goat's cheese and other portions were smallish:

Husband's soup. Had two bites.

Huband's kobe burger. Had two bites.

The most delicious chocolate cake ever. Had about 1/3 of it.

Calorie Recap Estimates:

Breakfast 525
Lunch 515
Snacks 150
Wine 175
Salmon 200
Goat Cheese 50
Craisins 50
Dressing 50
Burger bites 60
Soup bites 50
Cake 300
Total 2125

I totally could be off by hundreds, but this is my best guess. Considering I burned 450 calories at spinning class and did at least another 75 or so in walking, that brings exercise to -525, which puts me at a net of 1600, which is my upper limit.

Getting ready to go running and start another big day. I HAVE to watch my eating today!

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