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Tuesday, September 11

Exciting Dinner

I feel like a bad healthy eater - my meals have been so big lately and I haven't been snacking - quite the opposite of how I lost all my weight (small meals, lots of snacks!). However, I'm still eating a similar number of calories (only 100 or so more) - just eating differently!

Dinner tonight was fabulous:
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Trader Joe's Salmon Patties on buns with Roquefort cheese
  • Side salads with homemade dressing and pomegranate seeds
  • a 40-minute walk
Started the night with a 3 oz glass of wine - sorry I forgot the picture!

The TJ's Salmon Patties turned out EXCELLENT! We get these buns (200 calories each, not whole grain, but that's OK every now and then because they are light and fluffy and SO good toasted). The salmon patties are only 80 calories each for a 3.2 oz patty. How? I believe they add lots of water to make them bigger, and then freeze 'em. They were great though! I put about 16 grams of Roquefort on mine and melted it in the oven:

In the pan; on the bun:

Sweet potato fries were as good as ever:

And the side salad had romaine, squash, sauteed 'shrooms and zucchini, homemade dressing (raspberry blush vinegar, honey, salt, and EVOO), all topped with pomegranate seeds:

All Together:

Today's Recap:

~650 calories
Lunch: ~475 calories
Afternoon Snack: ~50 calories
Dinner: ~650
14 glasses of H2O

Total: ~1850 - another perfect day!

-375 workout
-150 40-minute walk

Off to read about nutrition!

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