"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, September 27

Breakfast #4

As I said before, today was breakfast for lunch day! It was actually really filling, so we'll see how long I stay full compared to sandwiches, crackers and yogurt.

On the menu:

Oatmeal prepared with water with 1/4 cup of dried fruit and nuts trail mix and 1/2 of an apple:

(This was actually a HUGE bowl)

The other half of the apple, sliced with cinnamon. This was the biggest honey-crisp apple EVER. I logged it as 150 calories, or 10 oz, since I had half of one on Sunday and it was about 5 oz.

And lastly a cottage cheese for some protein (or my attempt to make this meal more balanced)

Also had hot tea.

Total lunch calories: ~525. (It's pretty high due to the huge apple and the 120-per-1/4-cup trail mix).

No walking today due to leaving work early.

I've been hungry all day today. From the moment I woke up. I've noticed that towards the end of the week when I'm getting less sleep from being so busy I'm much hungrier. I think I need to work on this and see if Thursdays and Fridays improve. But perhaps I'm just bored of work by the end of the week and need a break so Im more likely to boredom eat? Nah, I swear it has to do with sleep. I'd try to get 8.5 hours tonight, but my class goes until 9 and I have spinning tomorrow at 5:45! Bah!

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