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Monday, September 24

Back to the Grind

Had a very nice weekend, but I still don't want to get back to the grind : (

Before my workout today I tried some new rice cakes I found at Earth Fare.

They are made from kamut (so I guess they aren't really rice cakes!), which is one of the ancient grains, and sweetened with agave nectar. 30 calories each, but the best part is they are individually packaged for quick grab-and-go lunches! I put 5 grams of PB on them:

Had a very satisfying workout today. I'm happiest with my workout when I get a hard, sweaty 40+ minutes of cardio plus at least 10 good minutes of hard weight lifting (that leaves me tired). Today's workout:
  • 10 minutes elliptical warm-up
  • 30 minutes hard stairmaster
  • 15 minutes upper body lifting
=400 calories burned

Breakfast was easy - oatmeal made partly with skim milk, raisins, banana, vanilla, brown sugar and sliced almonds:

Also had a water since I went out for coffee:

Met a recent grad at a coffee shop to help her with networking. I got a soy latte, in the "medium size." She poured about 8 oz of Vanilla Silk soy milk in, and I drank about 70% of it and made the difficult decision to throw the rest away since I didn't need the calories. I also left out any sweetener, as I'm trying to cut back on artificial sweeteners for the 100th time in my life!

Total breakfast calories: 500
+ 100 or so for the latte

=600 calories.

I should be able to fit in a walk at lunch, so I'm fine for the day. I have a vegetable salad with leftover lentils for lunch and we're having salmon burgers for dinner!

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