"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, August 29

Wednesday Recap

1/2 Kashi peanut butter bar

30 minutes Stairmaster
7 minutes skiing elliptical
15 minutes upper body lifting

1.5 cups sliced banana and strawberries
1 cup shredded wheat cereal
Sprinkling Fiber One
1 cup milk
Drizzle honey

1/2 wheat roll (1.5 oz)
2 oz turkey meat
1 slice low-fat swiss
Avocado slices
Red pepper + cucumber slices
1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
1 cup strawberries + kiwi
7 Kashi crackers

26 minute walk at lunch

6 oz Plain yogurt
Weetabix biscuit
Tiny kiwi

Other 1/2 Kashi peanut butter bar

Chocolate!! Just a small piece. I had a craving.

Handful few almonds, seeds, raisins

4 oz frozen tilapia
Corn/peas/okra/tomatoes/tomato paste/zucchini/carrot/celery - about 2 cups
1/4 cup kidney beans
10 saltines
A few strawberries

My estimate after dinner: 1800 calories. We shall see!

Total calories burned: 490ish

AND THE TOTAL: Around 1815!! Not bad!

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