"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, December 1


Got up at 7:15 this morning, which is late for me!! But I enjoyed 8.5 hours of nice sleep :) We're headed to see Davidson play Duke at noon today. Go Davidson! Go Duke! I'm torn!

I had a cup of tea when I got up.

I was having fun working on a new project (which you all will see soon!) and all of a sudden it was 9:00!!! We had to get to the gym by 9 to be on time, so we rushed and got there at 9:30. I had a quick piece of toast with PB (the end piece - so it's all funky shaped!)

Luckily, I got in a good workout - Stairmaster, ET, and weight lifting and burned a nice 465 calories!

Of course we're in a huge rush, so husband made banana oatmeal. WOW! It's really good. He just added finely chopped banana while it was cooking and it kind of melted in. I'll have to see exactly how he made it so I can post the recipe.

It's 11:15 now and I'm just having breakfast (brunch??), so I added some walnuts and PB for more protein to hold me over until 2:30 when the game is over for a late lunch. I shouldn't need a snack while at the game since this breakfast usually holds me over about 4-5 hours.

Breakfast calories (including pre-workout toast): ~550.

We're headed to a wine tasting later this afternoon with 36 wines for sample, so it should be an interesting day!

See you then!


jennifer said...

kath, what's ET? elliptical? i'm finally splurging and buying a heart rate monitor today! excited! :) have fun at the wine tasting...jealous!!!

Elle said...

Hi Kath! Can't wait to see the new project! I made your PB oatmeal today (and I added banana too...must be something in the air!). I know you're super busy but I'd still love to hear your Napa advice.

CC said...

oooh wine tasting, so fun! can't wait to see pics :)

alwayshungry said...

Hi Kath
How are you? Love your blog-i eat and live a very similar lifestyle-i thought i was the only one who had worked out, and eaten 2 breakfast's by 8am. lol. However, I seem to suffer from a lot of gas. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, as do you, and was wondering whether you had similar distressing ailment??

Anonymous said...

awhile back you made a lentil loaf. i was wondering if you had the recipe? Thanks and i love the blog!

yumm-o said...

mmm husband's banana oatmeal looks and sounds great! i'd love to hear the recipe when you get a chance! thanks! happy happy weekend, enjoy!

the husband said...

Banana oatmeal wasn't anything unusual, so I'm not sure why she liked it so much, but here's exactly what I did (2 servings):

-put 1C oats in pot, turned on medium heat
-put 1C skim milk and 1C water in, and 1t vanilla extract
-cut two bananas (6oz total) in discs, about .5in thick, directly into pot
-kept stirring (nothing i hate more than oatmeal sticking to the bottom of the pan - i was gonna eat that!)

-the only thing i might have done differently was cooked the oatmeal on medium because the wife wasn't downstairs yet and i didn't want it to finish too quickly (i usually cook on medium-high)
-also, she usually likes a thicker oatmeal than i do, so i kept stirring trying to gradually evaporate the liquid
-i'm guessing that, because of the high water content of the bananas, i was never able to boil off most of the liquid, and because i kept stirring, the bananas became quite mushy and incorporated throughout the pot (after reading this sentence over my shoulder the wife called me a nerd)

you can't really mess up oatmeal, unless you cook it too quickly

Kath said...


ET is elliptical. I HATE typing the word elliptical so I finally gave in to the annoying abbreviation!


My busy-ness ends tonight - I'll get you a good email tonight or tomorrow at the latest!


I don't think I have more gas than anyone else, but certain foods do have more impact than others!


The lentil loaf wasn't very good, but I will hunt for the recipe. It came from Recipezaar and I'll have to search around to find the one I used. Be back later!


Anonymous said...

I just got my copy of Fit From Within and can't wait to start reading it! Have a great day, Kath! :) -Meg-

jenn said...

Hi Kath!

Thanks for taking the time to be so consistent and informative with your blog!

I hope I'm not being repetitive because I know you've been busy, but I think my question from a couple of days ago may have gotten lost among all the other comments from your many readers!

I'm in college and interested in pursuing a career in marketing/communications, so I have a non-food-related question for you! Could you talk a bit about what you do on a daily basis as an account executive?

Kath said...

Here's the recipe I based the loaf on. I made some adjustments, which I can't remember now, but I'm certain I left out the vegetable oil, peanut butter and onions (because I hate them). I'm sure you can play around with this recipe! The flavor was great but the texture wasn't...


Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!!!


Sorry I didn't respond to your earlier question on this. I guess I can't really sum up my days because they depend SO MUCH on which client I'm working on. I have some clients who are local, who I do much more on-site work with, and some who are national, which means it's mostly work on the computer. I'm entirely public relations, and not at all advertising or marketing, so I can only speak for PR. I've gotten to do a lot of cool stuff during the past 1.5 years - meet Food Network Chef Sara Moulton for a high-end event at the Biltmore Estate, to blowing up a building in an implosion (and doing the PR for it), to pitching a new product to national papers, to writing press releases for boring things. It's a little of this and a little of that. I'd say your happiness in the field DRASTICALLY depends on the company you work for and the clients you are working with. It's probably a love/hate risk for the field, and unfortunately, you don't get to choose your clients (for the most part). Sometimes I LOVE the work, other times I hate it. It just depends on what the topic of the day is. I think it's a great choice for a field and it has a good outlook for the future because everyone always needs PR and marketing. My biggest complaint would be that the client is always first, and that can be stressful/annoying at times. Another drawback is that in the industry you have to record ALL of your time - every minute of every day - like lawyers - so that you can accurately bill your clients for your work. This can be draining and annoying, but it just part of the business. I wouldn't go into the field if you are shy, it's definitely an assertive field. But I've really enjoyed my time in it.

Hope that helps!


yumm-o said...

thanks, husband-sounds yummy!
happy weekend

jenn said...

thanks so much! that definitely helps a lot...it's always good to hear the good and the bad :)

Zoe said...

Hi!!! First I LOVE your blog...full of lots of ideas:)

Question...are you eating to loose weight now or maintain? Is your 1220 goal maintainance?


Kath said...


Check the new blog's FAQs for my answer to this - see the one with NEW on the front:



Luxusimmobilien said...
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akademiker krankenversicherung said...

Wow. I eat and live a very similar lifestyle-i thought i was the only one who had worked out, and eaten 2 breakfast's by 8am. lol. However, I seem to suffer from a lot of gas. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I hope so that I can only speak for PR. I've gotten to do a lot of cool stuff during the past 1.5 years - meet Food Network Chef Sara Moulton for a high-end event at the Biltmore Estate.