"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, November 28

Tropical Delight, As Promised!

Tropical Shrimp + Beans over Brown Rice

with Pineapple, Green Beans, Warm Walnuts, and Toasted Coconut

Another great dinner!! The husband and I thought this one up a few days ago and I couldn't wait to try it out! We ended up not having black beans, so we used white navy beans instead. I had lots of calories left so I added in some toasted walnuts - which went beautifully with the coconut!

  • Frozen shrimp (about 20) thawed and peeled
  • 1 cup navy beans, drained
  • 7 oz canned pineapple (about 1/5 a cup)
  • 1/2 a bag of green beans (about 6 oz)
  • 1 oz toasted coconut
  • 20 grams toasted walnuts
  • Cinnamon and cumin to taste
  • Brown rice on the side
And it was supposed to have avocado but we forgot!!

It was excellent, but I would recommend adding some of the canned pineapple juice, as it was a little bit dry.

Short Grain Brown Rice on the side:

Total dinner calories: ~500

Hot tea for dessert:

My delicious lunch held me all afternoon, but I had my apple out of hand around 3:45. I was busy at work and wanted another snack around 4:30, but I decided that I could wait until dinner. The lightrail was much more crowded on the way home - I couldn't even get a seat for the first 4 stops! But once I was reading my magazine, all was good :)

Here's my apple with the Charlotte skyline as the backdrop:

Total Wednesday calories: 1590

-472 from workout and lunch walk

= net of 1117

Guess I should have had another snack! Off to red in bed and get all cozy next to the husband :)


Anonymous said...

how many calories do you generally aim for in a day?

Anonymous said...

she said about 1800 calories...with exercise blasting off to get to her goal of 1226ish daily.
not to answer her question, but she's mentioned it a few times tht she's aiming for around that number...hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

What about fat, sugar and carb content in foods? All that is mentioned is calories. Just curious if this is as important as the caloric content. Thank you! Love this blog, I am learning so much!!

Kath said...


Anon #2 is right, I usually eat about 1800 per day. My goal is to NET 1226 calories, which means my gross calorie intake minus my calories burned through movement equals 1226. I usually burn between 400 and 600 calories per day, so that means I'm eating between 1626 and 1826 per day on average. This number means I'm losing weight very slowly, so that if I have a special occasion or go over one day, it will balance out to maintain rather than gain. I use a food and exercise tracker at www.CalorieKing.com that makes recoding food really easy and calculates the calories for me.

Anon # 3, I don't specifically count fat, fiber, protein, and sugar content per day, but I definitely do keep these in mind. I avoid foods heavy in saturated fat and of course anything high in sugar, such as sweetened yogurt (although I have them on occasion). I don't count carbs at all, but I do try to eat a balance diet with a little protein, whole grains, and fat at every meal. I try to have fruit, veggies, grains, a protein and dairy at most of my meals. In terms of counting, it's really just calories in, calories out, but since my goal is optimal nutrition, I do consider much, much more than calorie content when choosing foods (and it's taken me a while to realize that's what's most important!)

Hope that answers your questions!

Natalie said...

It does help! Thank you for taking the time to answer, and thanks again for such an informative blog. Read it every day!!