"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, November 1


SO Happy It's Thursday!!!!

Feeling fabulous and happy today - all because I'm back on track. Eating well just radiates from you - no cookie or stupid candy bar can have the same effect!

Had my new pumpkin tea at 9:30 with a splash of Silk Light Soymilk. It was DELICIOUS!

Three cheers for the oatmeal pancake, which held me until lunchtime! I could have had a snack at 11:23 - I was pretty hungry and my mouth wanted to eat. But I just waited, and waited, and then it was lunchtime! It's amazing that I didn't drop dead from a little hunger!


PB&J on Pepperidge Farm Small Slice Multi-grain, which I cut int 4 pieces to eat in sections.

Kiwi + Pom

Raw peppers

With this neat "to go" package of the Wild Garden Hummus Dip.

I literally had to choke down these veggies today. I think I'm sick of raw veggies. For a while I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying them, but now a salad with hummus makes me want to throw up. Who knows what changed!? I knew I was going to hate these when I packed them last night and ewww today - I was right.

Lastly? Cranberry sauce in yogurt. It TOTALLY hit the spot and left me happy overall with my lunch.

Altogether for 537 calories:

I also got in a 28-minute quick walk!!

I have nutrition class tonight, so I'll be dining in the dining hall at 5:00. We get our tests back - I'm hoping for another over 100, but I know I missed one of the bonus questions this time!

Now I have 751 calories (!!) left for afternoon snack and dinner. I don't want to have a huge snack though so I am hungry at 5:00 so I'm not sure what to do! I wanted to have chocolate oatmeal (made with Carnation Instant Breakfast) but I think that would be too filling. Not sure what to do! I know one thing - I am NOT allowed to have dessert at dinner or any candy. I should use this 751 towards healthy things that I normally might not get at the dining hall, like a roll or something. We'll see!


Megan said...

I have the apple cider flavor of that tea- it's also very good!

Elle said...

Thanks for the pomegranate info! I want to pick some up from the grocery store and start using them on my own (instead of just getting them at Pinkberry) because they're even better alone.

I hear you on the "sick of..." front. Sometimes I'll eat the same meal every day for weeks and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my body just refuses to tolerate one more bite of it. I think it may be a survival thing--our bodies reject repetitive food choices after awhile to make sure we get a variety of nutrients. Silly body, raw peppers are good for you!