"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, November 28

Morning in the Future!

As many of you know, I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. We just got our first form of mass transportation - a lightrail - and the first line opened over the weekend. I was scared to ride it, but the station is a mile from my house and goes right to my office building, so I knew I had to give it a try. The results? It took me 7 minutes longer to get to work (about 35 minutes door to door) but the stress level was GREAT!! I read SELF magazine and relaxed the whole trip. No traffic. No brakelights. Ahhhhhhh. I can't ride tomorrow because I have my nutrition class, but I will again on Friday! I think the evening commute will be even better!

Woke up a little sluggish this morning, but I got in by at 8:30 and was asleep by 9:15, so I should have gotten about 8 hours. Had a half serving (1/4 cup) of oatmeal with a bit of PB before the gym.

At the gym, I was so excited because I had a new magazine to read that I couldn't wait to get there! I usually read magazines while I do cardio (even running sometimes!) and it makes me enjoy the time so much more. I get TONS of magazine subscriptions (all the health and fitness and all the home and garden), so they keep me busy :)

30 minutes Stairmaster, level 12
15 minutes stat bike
5 minutes abs + ab roller (my new favorite toy :)

= 415 calories burned!

"Part of This Complete Breakfast!"

I was craving eggs last night, so I had them for breakfast - and a little bit of everything! It reminded me of those commercials that say "Part of this Complete Breakfast." All that was missing was the OJ - and I had a sip of the husband's, which we only had on hand because of Thanksgiving guests.

Omlete made with 1 egg, 1/2 cup carton egg whites, spinach and 1/2 oz blue cheese (more leftovers!)

Grapefruit, which I sliced and prepped last night when I was making dinner.

Toast with jam...

And decaf coffee, which I guess should be a 6 oz glass of milk to be a true "complete" breakfast!

Breakfast calories: ~500.

I want to blog about volumetrics and food weight (I don't think this breakfast is going to hold me very long because it wasn't very "heavy" compared to my oatmeal) but I don't have time!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kath! I'm excited to read your blog about volumetrics and food weight. I like to eat high-volume (HUGE salads) and high-weight (oatmeal, thicker bread, etc.) foods. Others comment about how I can "eat so much for being so little." That's my secret! (Combined with exercise, of course!)


Kath said...

Hi Kay (those are my initials!!)

I'm TOTALLY with you about eating for volume and weight. Why eat a donut when you can have a whole spread of healthy foods!? I'm reading (slowly) Barbara Rolls' book The Volumetrics Eating Plan and she wrote that people tend to eat the same WEIGHT of food day after day, not really the same calories. So if you eat something light that's high in calorie, you'll still want to eat more. This is why granola bars don't do it for me like a bowl of yogurt or oatmeal! And why people who eat lots of filling fruits and veggies are naturally thinner than those that eat calorie-dense foods - they can eat more for less! More when I have time :)


Tiffany said...

Hey Kath- I too can't wait to hear more about volumetrics! I might go buy the book you mentioned. One of my problems is that I can eat a lot, and that makes maintaing or trying to loose very difficult. My husband is 6'5'' and just doesn't eat much- he is satisfied quickly and doesn't like the "full" feeling. Something I will never understand. Anyways, I look forward to more great, interesting, and inspiring reading from your blog!- Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Hey Kath!
Your blog is so wonderful, I look forward to reading it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I was wondering if you could give us a little more background about you! You are such an insprition. Keep up the great work and eating habits :)


jenn said...

Hi Kath!
I just want to say thanks for taking the time to be consistent and informative with your blog! I've thought this for awhile but decided I had to comment today when I saw that you also subscribe to pretty much any and all health and fitness magazines and read them on the cardio machines to make the time more enjoyable! I can relate to you in so many ways!

I'm in college and interested in pursuing a career in marketing/communications. Could you talk a bit about what you do on a daily basis as an account executive?

P.S. I used to live in Winston-Salem...I miss NC!

jennifer said...

hi! I too am very interested in your take on volumetrics...it is not something I am very familiar with but really really want to learn more about. can you recommend any books on this? I used to be all for the USDA's pyramid but lately have read some books (Eat Drink Be Healthy by Harvard Med is a GREAT one with super yummy recipes) that claim mypyramid isnt as perfect for everyone as it claims to be. I would much rather fill up on veggies than feel bloated after a too big steak! anyways, hope your day is going well and I look forward to reading your thoughts later!

jennifer said...

oh, and oatmeal pancake was SUPERB this morning...left me satisfied and full with 1/3 cup oats/egg whites...got me about 3.5 hours before snacking on a little trail mix before lunch! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering what kind of bread you use for your toast? It looks really nutty and filling! Thanks!

Kath said...


It's Ezekiel Sesame Bread, which I LOVE! It comes in the frozen section and is made with sprouted grains. See this post for more: