"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, November 27

Lunch, and Lunch!?

I'm here, barely awake! My body feels like I have the flu going on 5-6 hours of sleep. People: DO NOT SKIMP ON SLEEP! It's sooooo important to your health! I can't believe how much worse I feel than usual, and I only got a few less hours! Guess my body needs every minute. I'll be in bed early tonight to catch up :)

The newscast went well and actually flew by (unlike the last one I did at 5 a.m.!) It was lots of fun. They had the most wonderful tea - Earl Gray Lavender - and I had four teacups!! I split the four cups between one of those half and half containers, for 20 calories, but otherwise I didn't snack. I was offered omelets, smoothies, and more, but I knew I didn't need any fuel because of my superstar breakfast, so I turned them down. Next time I might skip breakfast and just eat there (this was a breakfasty client that actually has healthy options) but it was easier to just say no.

Lunch #1
I got home around 8:30 and took a 30-minute power nap, as I was pretty exhausted, and felt better after that. By 9:30, it had been 5 hours since breakfast, so I figured I should have "lunch." I whipped up some pumpkin yogurt and fiber one and had some coffee, decaf ironically, with skim milk in it.

Calories: ~120.

Lunch #2
I started to get really hungry around 12 - not sure if my body knew it was usually lunchtime or if it was ready for dinner!! I ate too fast and am now really full!

Leftover homemade Butternut and Carrot Soup: (DEE-licious!!!) This was a HUGE bowl too, so it's more soup than it even looks like.

Sliced apple with cinnamon:

And Kashis:

From above, with Cooking Light:

Lunch calories: 467 (Soup was 250, 15 crackers were 130, 6 oz apple was 88.)

I'm still hoping to go running this afternoon. We'll see how I feel when the time comes.

I'm surprising the husband with a really fun dinner tonight - I'm using a surprise ingredient that I normally would never want to use and he's stumped as to what I'll be making. Guess you'll have to wait and see!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,

I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. I was wondering how, mentally, you are able to keep up your healthy eating and what caused you to start the change in your lifestyle. I find it tiring to constantly be thinking about food and diet. I wish it just came automatically so that I could focus on other things! Any tips?

- C

mbbored said...

I also just discovered your blog via iateapie.net, and think you're my twin sister. I'm also from NC, have lost 20+ pounds since college through healthier eating and running, and have inspired my BF to start a better lifestyle too.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see the "surprise" dinner! :) -Meg-

Allison said...

How do you calculate your exercise calories? How do your calculations compare to what the machine says?



Elle said...

Ooh do we get to guess the surprise ingredient? If you'd "normally never want to use" it I'm guessing red meat, something that usually has HFCS or trans-fat but you maybe found an alternative, or ONIONS. I think onions would be pushing it beyond the realm of believability though. Am I close?

Kath said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Of course it's not onions!! The alternative product is a good guess, but that's not a surprise enough. That would just be fun! Red meat was an excellent guess, as that's something I do eat on occasion but wouldn't cook. You're getting warmer!!!

Kath said...

Hi MBBored - I grew up in Hillsborough :) I see you're from Durham in your profile? I'll be there over Christmas!

Kath said...


I wear a heart rate monitor to track my calories burned. It's a Polar F4. I got it at Target for $90. There are much fancier versions, but this one counts calories, heart rate and workout time, which is all I need. It comes with a chest strap that goes right under your sports bra. I couldn't live without it!!

Calories burned on the machines is entirely based on the type of machine (such as arms or no arms) and the resistance you have. Running on the treadmill, I usually am around 160 BPM and on the elliptical anywhere from 150-160. So for me, running is harder, but the elliptical is a VERY close second.

I would not trust the elliptical screen to estimate your calories burned, even if you do put in height and weight, as I've found them to be a good 25-30% higher than my heart rate monitor's number. It is a good ballpark though.

A general estimate for calorie burn is about 80-100 calories per mile run. If you run 10 minute miles, that's 270-300 calories in 30 minutes. If you don't feel like the elliptical gave you the equivalent of a 3-mile run workout, you probably didn't burn more than you would have when running. Make sense? It's a good way to estimate.


Kath said...

C - I'm going to respond to your question in the blog soon - I haven't forgotten, but I want to give some thought to it!

Danielle said...

Hi Kath,

Two statements...
1. Your eating habits are such an inspiration!
2. All your food looks delicious!

...and three questions.
1. Could you post a few more recipes?
2. Could you post your grocery list?
3. What gave you the initiative to become a registered dietician? (because it looks like you had studied marketing in college, am I right?)


jennifer said...

Wow- sounds like you had quite a day!! kudos to you if you really got a run in AND made dinner! I hate that "tired-flu" feeling! no fun!! Just wondering, when you say you have yogurt with some meals (lunch sometimes), how much do you have? I loove yogurt...especially greek yogurt but its just so expensive and gone so fast :) I tried cranberry on my plain stoneyfield yogurt today at lunch and loved it..maybe I will be inspired to make my own!

jennifer said...

ahhh and I just made "pumpkin cake" and it is AMAZING!!! I would have never though of this on my own....soo good and I drizzled a little maple syrup on top and smashed some mini organic graham crackers in it too :) yay!!!

Kath said...

Thanks Danielle! Hope you enjoy tonight's dinner post :)

1) I'm working on being more specific with what we whip up in the kitchen and will post recipes as they're made. If you want something specific, just drop me a request and I'll put it up.

2) My grocery list changes all the time, but I'll make a note to do a list of our household staples soon. And like Cristin did on Eat Like Me, I'll try to photograph my groceries, which seems easiest.

3) I'd rather not go public with my R.D. announcement quite yet (I'm not sure who at my work reads this...) but I will in 2-3 weeks! It'll be a BIG announcement on the blog front page. And I was a history major at a small liberal arts college, Davidson College :)

Kath said...


I usually have 4 oz of yogurt, but that doesn't mean I never have more or less!!

Yay about the pumpkin cake - it's a great filling snack/dessert!


Kath said...


Check out this post for some groceries: http://katheats.blogspot.com/2007/11/show-us-your-refridgerator.html


Anonymous said...

yea! i made a little serving of the pumpkin cake...i had no idea that just a little big of egg beaters could add so much texture and delicious fluff to pumpkin..which in my opinion, is fabulous all on its own with just a sprinkle of splenda! mmmm, this is going to be a regular addition to the menu, thanks!!!