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Friday, November 16

Kath Does Fast Food!

Chicken and biscuit making was actually really fun!! We were really working like real employees by lunchtime:


I got to roll out 2 sets of biscuits and bake them and made fried chicken from scratch!! It's really quite amazing what goes on behind the scenes. They have it all down to these specific routines and procedures. The biscuits can only sit out for 20 minutes, so they have to make new batches quite frequently and very fast! It got a little crazy when the lunch rush picked up, but luckily we were released from our duties then. Too bad there was vegetable shortening in the biscuit mix bag and the 'grease' we fried the chicken in was melted vegetable shortening - allllll trans-fat!! Ack!! It sure did look good though.

Lunch went really well. I took most of my breading off and ate the whole breast. I also ate all the pinto beans and green beans (which are both made with lots of salt, but nothing else harmful - I saw the recipes! I probably wouldn't have eaten them otherwise in fear of butter or worse additives.) I also got served a fried chicken tenderloin which I was basically forced to take a bite of. I enjoyed the one bite though :) And I had some honey mustard sauce too.

But the worst part came when they brought out the dessert biscuits. Yikes!! I can be all high and mighty about not eating a regular biscuit, but the dessert ones were all ooy gooey and I ate about 25% of one of them (~50 calories). My body will forgive me :)

When I got home I ate my fruit, to make lunch add up to 460 calories, despite the splurges!

YAY! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Husband and I are making fish, kale and brown rice and opening some white wine :0)

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