"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, October 12

Middle Eastern Dinner

I did great!!!! Was satisfied and had everything I wanted without feeling deprived, including a coffee with lots of milk foam for dessert :)

We got in a good 30-minute walk before dinner *thumbs up* -100 more calories!

My plan was to have lentil soup and 1 whole pita with 1/4 a cup of hummus. I almost met my goal, but of course I nibbled a lot more than I wanted to.

Our hummus plate (that rim is all made of hummus!)

My first pita:

My second pita:

Not pictured: About 1/2 of another pita triangle with 1/2 a tbsp hummus, picked!

My lentil soup (which was pretty runny) with pita chips, which were very dry and basically just the toasted version of the pitas above. I ate all of both and logged the soup as only 100 calories because it was small and thin.

Here's my last bit of hummus plus a few samples of my fellow diners' kabobs (lamb and a second chicken not pictured):

Here's the husband's plate - what I could have ate!

I also had 2 tbsp rice and 1/4 of one of the falafels. And two sips of husband's beer :)

Here's how I estimated the calories:
  • 6 tbsp hummus: 158
  • 1 whole pita bread: 200
  • Lentil soup, cup: 90
  • .33 oz each of lamb, beef, and chicken (x2): 75
  • Falafel, .25 patty: 15
  • Long-grain white rice, just under 1/2 cup: 41
  • 2 fl oz skim milk (coffee dessert): 23
  • 1 fl oz of New Castle: 11
= ~600 calories

I also ate an olive and some marinated veggies, but I'm not counting these b/c they were so small.

So I think I did pretty well! I could have had wine (or two), more rice, more pita, more of everything! But I didn't because I'm smart and know that I didn't need more to fuel my body.


At 4:30 I had a dried apricot half and 5 almonds to tide my hunger for the walk. Worked like a charm!! I wasn't even that hungry after the walk when we sat down to dinner.

When I got home I also ate 1/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart (pure boredom eating) and about 10 baking chocolate chips.

Ending the day: 1885 calories

-687 through exercise

=1198 net

I know I could be off by +/- 100 calories here, but I'm not too worried about it! The weight has just been FALLING OFF this week. I feel fabulous in my skin again and my stomach is regaining (or re-losing?!) it's flatness and firmness. Two more weeks of this near-perfect eating and I'll be back on track to maintain. I feel so much better now that I've been eating so many good-for-you foods. I can list on my hand the "bad" foods for the week:
  • 2.5 oz of wine last night
  • 1 bite of chocolate on Tuesday
  • Jello pudding 2 nights ago
  • Maybe a little too much hummus/pita tonight?

Other than those I've had perfect eating. And you know what? I loved every bite of it. Eating well makes me so happy. I'm so much happier without the guilt of splurging, so why splurge in the first place? I sure hope I can keep up this motivation!

At the coffee shop we got Snickerdoodle coffee and I got some of the Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup you see everywhere. I think it'll be great in both coffee and oatmeal. I wish I could live without sweetening things, but I just can't. Sorry! I can't wait to try these both together in the morning when I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM!!!! WHOO HOO!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you're feeling so positive, and your healthy eating and exercising is paying off! Wohoo! Keep it up!
What exactly is hummus? Just curious.
Well, have a good weekend!

Kath said...

Oh my - I hope you've tried hummus! It's a blend of tahini paste (which is basically a "peanut butter" made from sunflower seeds), chickpeas, lemon, garlic and some spices. You can add anything else to change the flavor such as olives, roasted peppers, vegetables, lemon, artichoke,etc.

Although the tahini (peanut butter) is pretty high in calorie, it's still a very healthy dip if you use it with portion control. I love it blobbed onto salads or spread on things or as a veggie dip.

I think the store-bought kinds are really gross, and I'm pretty pick about my hummus! If you really want to try it, find a Mediterranean restaurant. Or if you have a Whole Foods or a natural grocery store, see if you can find a place that makes their own. It's bound to be better than anything mass-produced.

Let me know if you try it!!


barbara said...

I love the circle of hummmus. Could one do that with icing?

meharry said...

tahini paste is made from sesame seeds...i dont know if thats better or worse than sunflowers!