"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, September 15


Well, I definitely had some weak moments, but I'd say the overall day went very well. I'm guessing I ate about 2100 calories, -550 or so through run + walking, which is a net of 1500ish. The whole first half of the day was OK, but I really blew it at dinner!

- My sister served brunch. Cressant roll danish with a cream cheese-pineapple filling, these crunchy brownie things, mini waffles, and crumbly wheat crackers with a sun-dried tomato-cheese topping.

s my plate. I had a second brownie thing later in the afternoon and the mini waffle isn't pictured. I also had a second cracker! Estimated: 415 calories. For lunch I had a salad from the student union topped with beans, pineapple, sun-dried tomato, tofu, peaches, cottage cheese, and mini corns. I wasn't really that hungry, but I needed a filling veggie meal in me before I went on with the day. I also had a Diet Dr. Pepper= bad.

Lunch dessert
was a few chocolate covered things, estimated at 40 calories.

Lunch calorie estimate: ~300. calories.

Surprisingly, I wasn't really hungry or in the mood to drink cheap canned beer all afternoon. I snacked on about 8-9 saltines when the oysters came out. Then I discovered they have TRANSFATS in them after looking at the label!! What a shocker!! Look carefully for "partially hydrogenated..."

I also had some sips of the husband's beer. Estimate at 40 calorie's worth.

For dinner we headed to a local favorite: The Brickhouse. I decided on the Asian salad, which seemed harmless enough, and a glass of wine. I also started dinner with one of the most delicious rolls EVER!

I didn't eat very much of the wontons nor did I have more that a few fork dips of dressing:

THEN, I had a slice of pizza, some of husband's fries AND some of his chicken sandwich!!! I couldn't help myself. Yes, my salad was small and without any meat, but I ate way more than i should have. I'm not very full, however, and since I did well all day, I think I ended up OK in the end.

Dinner calorie estimate: ~800 calories.

So my total calories ended up near 2100. Subtract 400 for running plus at least an hour of walking around campus and to and from dinner, to get around 550-600. That gives me a net of 1500-1600, which is again my upper limit.

So I'd say it's safe to say I maintained two days in a row. That's good, but could have been better. And of course my estimates might be off. Considering that the Food Pyramid tells me I should be eating 2300-2400 to maintain, I'm probably fine on 2100.

Next week I'll need to cut back.

Off to bed all by myself in our house for the first time - husband is spending the night on campus and I drove back.


P.S. No idea what's up with the font, but I don't want to mess with it!

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