"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, November 23

Alcohol + Leftovers = ugggggggggg!

Wine = <3

Did I mention that alcohol is a big trigger of mine?? How is it that I managed to do more damage the day AFTER Thanksgiving than the day itself?? ALCOHOL!! I had a glass of wine before we started dinner....and the rest is history.

Starting this morning, I woke up on little sleep and feeling icky from a glass or two of wine the night before. I had a big bowl of oatmeal with banana and walnuts before we departed on our family hike to Crowders Mountain.

Breakfast calories: 340

We did a 3.5 mile hike up a mountain and back down. I wore my heart rate monitor and burned about 300 calories. Not too bad, but not enough to fight Thanksgiving leftovers! At the top of the mountain, I had a cranberry-turkey-spinach sandwich and some fresh fruit. Check out the view!!

Cute husband eating!

View from the top of the mountain:

Lunch calories: 357

After we got back from the hiking, I was pretty hungry. I had a cup of tea to tide me until dinner, but it didn't do much....I had some bites of mashed potatoes and vegetables.

And mom and I got in 40 more minutes of walking!!

After our walk, it was about 4pm and I was going on about 800 calories with 450 calories burned. I need some fuel!! Had a bowl of leftover veggies and brussels sprouts. And one too many nibbles of sweet potato casserole :(

Afternoon calories: About 300. Too many bites of other people's dishes!

OK, can we emphasize again that wine is the catalyst for me to overeat?? At 5:00, the whole family came over again for a dinner of leftovers. We opened a bottle of pinot, and it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I had a glass before dinner (about 2 of these 3 oz ones) and it triggered me to overeat....

I also sipped on the husband's DELICIOUS Chardonnay (Indian Wells from Washington - unbelievable!!) 2 more oz under my belt.

Here's my plate of leftovers, which isn't that damaging, except that I did a lot more nibbling than is photographed. Sorry to be inaccurate, but I was BAD tonight!

For dessert, I had a sliver of pumpkin chiffon and some pecan - too much of both! But seriously, is that really 151 calories worth of pecan pie?!?!? It is 1/3 of a slice, but I find that so hard to believe!!!

Also had about 2-3 oz of mead (honey dessert wine) when the husband surprise-opened it, which was above and beyond what I had planned.

Here's my dinner calorie estimate:


5 serving Roasted Veggies by OZ102
4 serving Cranberry Sauce - Thanksgiving Version85
0.5 serving, 1/2 cup (4 oz) Wegmans: Bread Products: Holiday Dinners, Herb Stuffing103
1 1/2 cup Brussels Sprouts with Apple54
0.5 serving, 2/3 cup (5.9 oz) Puddings: Corn, home prepared109
7 fl.oz Sutter Home: Wines: Pinot Noir161
1 oz Turkey: Light Meat, boneless, no skin, roasted45
2 fl.oz Wines: Mulled or Mead88
2 fl.oz Sutter Home: Wines: Chardonnay47
.4 serving, 1/2 cup Vrooman: Sides: Sweet Potato Casserole82
0.25 oz Be Happy & Healthy: Breads: Pumpkin19
1 piece (0.2 oz) Sunspire: Chocolate: Grain Sweetened, Dark Earth Balls32
0.3 piece, 1/8 of 9" dia (4.3 oz) Pies & Tarts: Pies, Pecan, prepared from recipe151
0.33 serving Pumpkin Chiffon Pie98
1 oz Beer: Regular (5% alc.)12

SO as you can see, I was not very well behaved today. One day this week was enough damage!!

Total Friday calories: 2189

-448 through hiking + walk

+ 300 added maintenance calories to lighten the load.

= net of 1440.

Now I know plenty of people who have done fine on 1440 net, but I'm not one of them. I know my body and know that this was overboard. This is NOT how a nutritionist would eat. This is how the old me would eat. Get a grip, me!

Tomorrow we're headed to Spartanburg, SC to visit my husband's dad, and we're going to dinner at a German restaurant. I would love to limit myself to NO alcohol tomorrow, but I know that is unrealistic. I think I'll just do my best (absolute BEST) and call it a weekend. I'll be back on track hard core on Monday. We do plan on hitting the gym hard tomorrow morning, early, so that should help.

See you then!!



Anonymous said...

Kath- I seriously love your blog!! I too over did it today- got out some no sugar added ice cream for the kids, got a phone call and sat and ate it while talking. No idea how much I ate. Then for no reason at a kashi granola bar??!! So frustrating to eat without thinking. I am so inspired by you - so thanks! -Tiffany

Elle said...

Aw Kath, you really weren't that bad! 1440 net is great for a holiday weekend and it looked like good, whole foods. You're still my nutrition hero!

KBULL said...

Hey Kath. It's Chelsea (K-Bull is my blogger name-it's a knitting reference ;-D ) I just stopped by to get some ideas for food this week. Looks like you're doing GREAT! I made my shopping list off of your blog =D It's great to remind myself that all of these things are staples in my diet, I just need to stop eating the sweets at work!!! I hope all is well, I still miss the YOU updates ;)


KBULL said...

Oh and have fun at your FIL. I know how much you enjoy it...

Kath said...

Hey Chels! I try to do "you" updates in this blog too - you should check it out more ;) I'll try to update my CK blog more when I get more time on my hands.